New Arrivals

New Arrivals

We have created this new Category for our regular Customers/Visitors to highlight all the new additions to our product range.

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A  breakthrough in ink removal technology that removes ink stains fast without the use of harsh solvents. 1L


Highly effective spotter is designed to remove tough organic stains such as wine, fruit juices, tea, coffee and more...all without heat!  1L



Excellent stain remover for synthetic dyes found in flavoured drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks and more.  1L

Hydrogen peroxide powered encapsulant which brightens carpets, tackling spots and stains.  Replacement for Roto-Brite II. 3.78L



Get the tile and grout brush that will take a big BITE out of tough grime on your grout lines!


Use the Injectimate wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed.  Excellent for dealing with urine contamination.  


Ideal for injecting deodorisers deep under carpet or into upholstery or mattresses when neutralizing urine and other odours.


Bristles generate an electric charge that grab onto hair and fine particles.  Aggressively agitates upholstery without damaging the fabric.


Flush out urine, drinks, oils, soap residues, food spills, etc.  Use with a truckmount or portable.  Accepts 1.5" or 2" hose cuffs.


Sorry - currently out of stock.

Designed for quick and easy flood extraction and for dealing with large areas of urine contamination, or other spillages.


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Three-shelf unit will hold 24 single US gallon containers (3.78L), or 27 single 5L containers, or any variety of containers or accessories.


Protect from the possible damage created when a steaming hot quick connect meets with carpet or bangs into floors or furniture.


Small, powerful, microscope allows you to examine all fibres, leather, stone, and any other surface where close examination is essential.