Kill Odour Citrus (3.78L)

Kill Odour Citrus (3.78L)

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from Anonymous on 13/06/2017
Had a call from a care home. One of the patients had a burst colostomy bag. They thought they had cleaned it all up. 3 days later they had a bad urine smell. We went out, pre-sprayed Kill odour, the smell went straight away. Put some in the solution tank. Contacted the care home today after 4 days (when we cleaned). Said nothing, no urine smell at all.

Just about to order another bottle. Can’t rate this product highly enough.
from Anonymous on 15/03/2012
Been using this for a few years now in distressed / gross filth properties.


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Kill Odour Plus (3.78L) Kill Odour Plus (3.78L)
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