Rocket Fuel (3.78L)

Rocket Fuel (3.78L)

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Chemspec Rocket Fuel is a high pH carpet pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner for polypropylene and commercial synthetic fibres. A carpet pre-spray that combines high pH with a special blend of wet solvents. It is formulated to break down the difficult oily soils that affect polypropylene and other commercial synthetic fibres. On carpets that are heavily soiled, apply a thorough treatment with a pump-up sprayer using diluted Rocket Fuel and agitate well with a carpet brush etc. Allow at least a 10 to 15 minute dwell time and then rinse with Powdered 90 or Liquid 90, or a similar rinsing agent.

For use in a pump-up sprayer - Mix 360ml (1:10) with 4 litres of water.  Allow 10 minutes dwell time.  Agitation with a carpet brush etc will aid in the cleaning process.  Extract with a good rinse detergent.
For use in a Truck Mount system inline sprayer - Place 5 libres into the reservoir and meter at 1:10.

Ordering Case quantity (4 x 3.78L) will entitle you to a discount.

A Safety Data Sheet and Product Information Sheet are available for download below.

pH at use: 12

Coverage: Up to 300 sq. mtrs. per 4L

Dilution: 1:10

Appearance: Clear green liquid

Fragrance: Ethereal/Citrus odour

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Safety Data Sheet Download
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