Enzyme Carpet Shampoo (2.5Kg)

Enzyme Carpet Shampoo (2.5Kg)

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Chemspec Enzyme Carpet Shampoo is the perfect shampoo for restaurants, dining rooms, cafeterias etc. Enzymatic action eats into protein soiling making lifting out soil quick and easy. Contains air-fresheners which eliminate stubborn food odours that often linger after cleaning.

Cleaning food stains and cooking grease out of carpet requires more specialized shampoos than do ordinary soils. The difficult protein bonds developed in food stains must be broken quickly in order to allow the shampoo action to efficiently remove them. Enzyme Carpet Shampoo was specifically developed to attack protein bonds and quickly clean carpets soiled by food and cooking greases when using rotary extraction or foam carpet cleaning equipment.

100% active formulation of enzymes and shampoo – Actually two cleaning products in one – enzymes and detergent. It digests dirt that ordinary shampoos won’t remove.

Contains special air fresheners to solve lingering food odour problems.  Grease and food stains in carpet can leave stubborn, lingering odours. The special air freshener in Enzyme Carpet Shampoo has been formulated and added to this product to solve odour problems, leaving the carpet and room with a pleasing, fresh aroma that says “properly cleaned”.

Contains wide spectrum colour brighteners.  There is no need to add additional brighteners, this saves time, labour and money.

Formulated with a crisp, dry residue.  Specially formulated so that any residue which may remain after cleaning dries crisp.

Ordering Case Quantity (4 x 2.5Kg) will entitle you to a discount.

Directions: Mix 2.5 ounces (2.5 scoops) in 8L of warm tap water (not over 140 degrees farenheit).
For maximum enzyme action, mix and use within 12 hours.  If additional cleaning power is desired 90ml of Traffic Lane Cleaner may be added per 4L of properly diluted Enzyme Carpet Shampoo. It is not recommended that any other product be used except Chemspec Energizer for boosting. Other additives may destroy the enzymes.

pH @ use: 8.5 – 9.5
Coverage: Up to 200 sq. metres per 500g
Dilution: 60g to 8L water
Appearance: White Powder
Fragrance: Floral

Safety Data Sheet and Product Information Sheet are available to download below.

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