Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment as well as Fire Damage and Flood Restoration Cleaning Products from Chemspec Europe. With over 30 years experience and during that time Chemspec Europe have built their reputation on quality performance products and have pioneered many of the industries best used products.

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Unique breakthrough solution to remove even the toughest pet urine odours and stains.  Effective on virtually any surface.


Formula 429 is a water based antimicrobial with multi-surface broad spectrum kill and residual control for white and grey water treatment.


Formula 429 Plus - The ideal, fragranced, antimicrobial to help with protection from potential risks.



Contains products to deal with most stains that you will come across!  Standard size bottles makes it easy to replace them as they empty.


A specifically designed chemistry to eliminate severe urine odours on carpet and hard surfaces.


An anti-browning upholstery extraction cleaning detergent for natural fibre fabrics to prevent cellulosic browning.


Upholstery Shampoo for deep cleaning without an extraction machine.  Quick drying agents to decrease drying time.


Enhances colour and boosts cleaning power of your detergent. Add to any alkaline detergent to boost cleaning power.

Excellent stain remover for synthetic dyes found in flavoured drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks and more.  1L

Highly effective spotter is designed to remove tough organic stains such as wine, fruit juices, tea, coffee and more...all without heat!  1L


A  breakthrough in ink removal technology that removes ink stains fast without the use of harsh solvents. 1L

Effectively removes the toughest rust stains from a variety of carpets, fabrics and acoustic tiles.  

Non-corrosive cleaner safely breaks down hard water deposits and soiling on hard surfaces and effective rust remover for carpets.

For the effective removal of coffee, tannin and dye stains.  Works on new and old stubborn stains.  Now in 5L.

Dye Gone is effective on coffee, tea, barbeque sauce, gravy, urine, soy sauce, wine and much more, in fact anything containing a dye.


Dye Gone Refill - if you have previously purchased the Dye Gone Sprayer Kit then you only need to purchase the Refill, saving £5!


Natural solvent gel spotter, sits on the surface of stain to avoid causing damage to backings . Removes tar, grease, ink, gum,  etc.


Safely removes paint, oil grease, tar, shoe polish, ballpoint pen, marking ink, nail polish, oxidised oil and more.



Water based spot remover effective on oil and water based stains such as blood, soft drinks, light grease, oil, tar, coffee, tea, etc.


Neutralisers fire, smoke and cigarette odours and removes residue that can cause odours. Suitable for hard surfaces and textiles.  3.78L

Especially effective for controlling odours associated with structural fires and for tobacco-related odour removal.  3.78L
 A powerful water-based odour counteractant effective for smoke and tobacco related odours.  3.78L

High performing solvent for the heaviest grease and oil residues.  For hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery!  5L


A water based polymer, solvent free sealant to encapsulate soot and smoke particles in voids, ducts and other hard to clean areas. 



Chemspec Dry Cleaning Sponge (also known as Chemical Sponge, Chemspec Sponge or Soot Sponge).  Regular size.  




Chemspec Dry Cleaning Sponge (also known as Chemical Sponge, Chemspec Sponge or Soot Sponge). Large Size.


Neutralising Odour Blocks with Lemon & Lime Fragrance. Blocks act as odour magnets, grabbing odours from the air and neutralising them.  


Chemspec High Power Floor Stripper is a high pH ultra effective floor stripper. Removes worn floor finishes quickly and effectively.


Cleans hard to remove soil from high gloss floors without hazing/damaging finish. Ideal with rotary/scrubber or as a mop-on floor cleaner.


Use after cleaning to prevent furniture stain marks from transferring to damp carpet. Idea for using with heavy, large, items of furniture.

31 - 60 of 61 results