Airflex Spotmaster

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The Spotmaster is set up and ready to clean in just seconds. Its very easy to carry. Great for demos. Great too when you notifce you have missed a spot - just after you've packed everything away!
Use for spot cleaning amd small areas of carpet and upholstery.
A fantastcially useful bit of kit:
  • 55 p.s.i. pump
  • 2-stage vacuum motom 100CFM
  • Now comes wth stainless steel hand tool upgrade (not the plastic hand tool on the photo)
  • 8ft vacuum and solution hose
  • 11 litre solution tank
  • 11 litre waste tank
  • weighs just 8kg
  • 20ft power cord
  • Heavy-duty housing
  • Measures 54cm L x 26m W x 49cm H
It can easily take 20 minutes to set up and pack away a large extractor. But with an Airflex Spotmaster, you can be set-up and ready to go in seconds.
The Airflex Spotmaster is portable, lightweight and extremely effective piece of kit. Use it for spot cleaning, touch up between cleans and for small areas of carpet and upholstery.

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