Grease Trap Maintenance Fluid 25L

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Bio-Dose is a grease trap and drain maintenance stable liquid containing micro-organisms and enzymes.

Grease and fatty wastes will be quickly broken down into smaller pieces that will be converted into water and gasses. The initial degradation phase improves drain flow and reduces odours until the micro-organisms complete the degradation process.

Bio-Dose is suitable for use in:-
Auto dosing systems.
All types of drains.
Small bore pipes.

Will maintain septic tanks, grease traps and complete sewerage treatment systems.

Technical Information
Bio-Dose contains non-harmful micro-organisms, typically 50,000,000 units per millilitre and produces the following enzyme activity:-
Lipolytic (reduces fats & oils)
Proteolytic (reduces protein based materials)
Amyloltic (breaks down starches)
Cellulolytic (reduces cellulose based material)

Small amounts (50ml) of Bio-Dose should be poured or pumped directly into sink outlets and left overnight to unblock small bore pipe work. Used regularly as prevention maintenance through an auto-pump system, Bio-Dose will ensure that fats, grease and other waste will not congeal and cause blockages in the pipes and grease traps.

Disinfectants, bleach, caustic and acid based products will adversely effect the products biological action.

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