BioClean (1L)

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Nemesis BioClean Best Value Colloidal Cleaner. 

Super concentrated environmentally friendly cleaning solution.  Dilutes 1:120 .

Holds oil & dirt in colloidal suspension with no re-deposition.

A product of nanotechnology: Colloidal micelles function on a molecular level.

BioClean is a versatile and powerful non-ionic surfactant which can be used in a variety of applications.  Comprised of fatty alcohols, free fatty acids and fatty esters, BioClean is a colloidal solution that creates a unique hydrocarbon release agent that can tolerate tremendous soil load.  The powerful micelle cleaning action of BioClean will cause long chain hydrocarbon soils, including fats, greases, oils, proteins and sugars, to repel from the surface so that they can be rinsed away with water, without damaging or reacting with the cleaning surface.  BioClean is not a typical caustic detergent or petroleum solvent, therefore it will not damage or react with the cleaning surface. Thoroughly wet fibres to be cleaned. Agitation with a CRB machine or pile brush is recommended. Allow 10 minutes dwell time before rinsing, preferably with an acidic rinse.


BioClean is:

  • Non-toxic.
  • Non-reactive.
  • Non-carcinogenic.
  • Readily biodegradable.
  • Derived from renewable resources.
  • Safe to use, store and dispose of.


BioClean does not contain:

  • Petroleum distillates.
  • Glycol ethers.
  • Terpenes.
  • Synthetics.
  • Builders and reagents.
  • Caustics.


Appearance: Clear, very light amber liquid
Odour: Mild surfactant
pH Range: 10.2-10.5

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