Extraction Detergents

Extraction Detergents

Carpet and Upholstery Extraction Detergents for use 'in tank' of portable carpet cleaning machines and metered through truckmount units.  These products are quick acting emulsifiers that release and suspend soils to give maximum cleaning with minimum residue.

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Prochem's premium non-ionic carpet extraction detergent for spectacular results on tough, oily and greasy soils.


A concentrated heavy-duty extraction detergent, formulated for optimum performance in cleaning heavily soiled carpets.

Advanced extraction detergent with micro-encapsulation anti-resoil formula for effective cleaning of carpets, rugs and fabrics.  5L

Low foam cleaning concentrate for carpet soil extraction machines. New and Improved formula with pH boosters and optical brighteners.


A safe and effective powdered extraction detergent for wool and stain resistant nylon carpets.  WoolSafe approved maintenance product..


Triple strength multiple dilution liquid carpet detergent. High performance, fully crystallising residue, hence no resoiling. Now in 5L


The worlds best selling carpet detergent. The best performing high pH carpet cleaning detergent available.  Citrus fragrance.


Super-strength powder detergent for use in the most powerful truckmounts. Performs at high temperatures while maintaining stability.


Low foaming concentrated hot water extraction liquid with a lemon perfume for all 'water extraction' machines. Now only available as 5L


In tank detergent cleaner. Formulated to work at high temperatures so is ideal for use in Truckmounts and heated Portables.  15Kg


A high performance detergent for safe and effective cleaning of synthetic and wool carpets, rugs, fabric etc.  Primarily for Truck Mounts. 5L


Safe, neutral pH, low foam cleaner with a pleasant lavender fragrance. Safe to use on wool and wool mix fibres. 5L


Safe gentle and effective cleaning powder for delicate fibres such as wool and for stain resistant nylon carpets requiring neutral pH.  5Kg

WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs and stain-resistant nylon.

New name for Liquid High Heat!  A complete rinsing agent - features more cleaning power than regular rinses and uses anti-wicking agents to stop browning.  Now in 5L.



Super concentrated high performance detergent for excellent results on all carpet types.  Use in portable or truck mount extraction machines.



A powerful, concentrated powder with a 'fresh green apple' fragrance for cleaning carpets.  Available in 5Kg and 15Kg.  


Currently unavailable

Coarse cleaning powder for use on carpets, most curtains & upholstery. Very economical with rust inhibiting and brightening properties. 15Kg


A fine, high grade, free flowing, lemon perfumed powder, for cleaning carpets, most curtains and upholstery.  Available in 5Kg and 15Kg.