Demystifying Carpet Colour Repair Course

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Next Course - Friday 9th September 2022.
Demystifying Carpet Colour Repair Course is held by Dave Altomstone, assisted by Darren Tree.  
Numbers are strictly limited on each course. 
Dave can quite rightly be described as a 'Master' in this field of work, having first started dyeing as early as 1996, at a time when there was hardly anyone running dyeing courses, never mind undertaking the work itself.  As such, almost everything he did was by trial and error, managing with unstable dyes, no striking agent etc and no one else around to ask for advice.  He then spent 8 years carrying out dyeing work in the US before returning to the UK to continue this work. 
Darren discovered the dyeing process about 4 years ago, became fascinated by it and decided there and then that he wanted to add this to his services.  He spent a few days of intense training with Dave, took all the information on board and almost immediately started his dyeing career.
Course Synoposis:
During the course you will learn how to:
  • Mix custom colours.
  • Colour match to existing colours.
  • How to apply dyes with syringing and airbrushing techniques.
  • Repair bleach spots and other stains and restore faded areas on carpets and rugs.
Dave will also teach the ‘tricks of the trade’ that can only be learnt from someone with many years experience of doing this work on a regular basis.  These tricks will help speed up the process of mixing dye formulas and other tips to advance you on from just undertaking a one day course.
As well as the practical skills and tips, Dave will also advise you on:
  • How to discuss colour repair to your clients, how to answer any questions that may arise.
  • How to set-up in a client’s property.
  • What job to take on and, more importantly, what job to walk away from…and why!
These points are vitally important in presenting yourself as a knowledgeable ‘professional’, something not taught on any other dyeing course.  Dave wants to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what the brain doesn’t know and the eye doesn’t see!  Dyeing really is a different world of expertise and once you practice, to the point of it clicking, then this will be a skill that you will really enjoy.
One of the biggest benefits of taking this course is that it will give you access to Dave – he will be available to advise on the telephone and, if needed (which you are strongly advised to take up), he can meet with you on site to help do the colour repair.  This one aspect of the course will give you the confidence to take on a job and not worry that you will struggle and end up with an unhappy client.  By concentrating on what is taught on this course, by practicing (and remember practice makes perfect!) your new-found skills, using the best dyes on the market, all safe in the knowledge that you have the back-up from one of, if not ‘the’, industry leading dye technician, you will have the easiest, most profitable, add-on to your existing business.
The cost of the course includes:
  • 1 x Dye Kit - 1 x 50ml Dropper Bottles of each Dye colour (Black, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Red), 1 x 50ml Dropper Bottle of Striking Agent, 250ml Refill of Striking Agent, 1 x 500g Bleach Neutraliser, 3 x 500ml Glass Mixing Beakers, 6 x Hyperdermic Syringes with Needles, 1 x Sharps Disposal Box, 3 x White Terry Towels (in a robust carrying case).
  • 1 x ColorCue App  - The ColorCue App is unlike any other.  Using it's simple and easy to use interface, anyone can match colours, mix custom dye schemes and restore carpets and rugs.  Even to this day, many colour restoration experts painstakingly match colours with colour wheels.  This App eliminates that work, all from the convenience of your phone.
  • Access to The Dye Lot - A place for carpet and rug dyeing professionals to access support from world-leading experts, exchange ideas, offer advice, ask questions and post photographs of their work.
  • On-Going Mentoring - Absolutely priceless!  This course will give you access to help and advice from Dave, one of the world's experts in this field!
If attendees do not require the ColorCue App then the price will reduce to £570 + VAT.
The cost of a second attendee, from the same company, will be discounted to £400 + VAT (to reflect no second Dye Kit or ColorCue App).
Payment for the course can be made by instalments (to be arranged with us), with full payment requried two weeks in advance of the course date.
Lunch, and refreshments throughout the day, are also included.  Please let us know of any dietary requirements.
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