Energizer Booster (2.7Kg)

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Chemspec Energizer is a powdered detergent booster that can be added to alkaline pre-sprays, shampoos, extraction detergents and encap cleaners.  Now available in 2.7Kg.

Energizer is a combination of an oxygen-based booster, alkaline builders, anticorrosion and soil suspension agents. When used properly, Chemspec Energizer turbo-charges the performance of a wide variety of cleaning solutions.  The oxygen booster accelerates the removal of soils and staining; the alkaline boosters enhance the attack on greasy or acidic soils; the soil suspension agents help to lift particulate soil off the fibres so that they can be removed more efficiently.
Two important notes:
  1. Energizer should be used only with alkaline products. Do not use with acidic products (do not use with Chemspec Optimal Rinse, Chemspec All Fibre Textile Rinse or Chemspec Powdered Cotton Upholstery Cleaner).
  2. Energizer is intended for use only as an additive and not as a standalone product.
Use according to label directions.
Have a look at the product label for exact dilution rates, but as a guide simply add a scoop of Energizer to every 10 Litres of pre-spray or add a scoop to every 20 Litres of extraction detergent or high foam shampoo.
A Safety Data Sheet is available for download below.

pH @ use: 10.0 - 11.0.

Coverage: Varies.

Appearance: White powder.
Safety Data Sheet and Product Information Sheet are available below to download.

Additional product information

Safety Data Sheet Download
Product Specification Sheet Download

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