Floorwash F25

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The Floorwash F25 is a CRB agitation machine for carpets and hard floors.
Thanks to it's innovative and modern design, the Floorwash F25 has been developed to exploit the entire cleaning surface, guaranteeing incredible results.
  • Tank has a tilt angle of 90º which means it is possible to reach under furniture (14cm high).
  • Innovative front brush allows you to effectively clean along the edge of walls and reach the most difficult corners.  The off-centre position on the right, puts the tip of the brush only 5mm from the edge overhang.
  • Interchangeable brushes, taking only a few minutes to change, simply press on the left side to remove the pins that support the brushes, make the change and reinsert the pins in the opposite direction.
Two Counter-Rotating Brushes
Two cylindrical brushes, front and rear, ensure that every surface is perfectly cleaned, fully recovering any type of liquid present on the floor.  The Floorwash's effectiveness comes from the high opposite rotation speed of the brushes, allowing the roller to carry the dirt inside the recovery tank.
Recovery Tank
The new recovery tank is semi-closed to prevent 'dirty' water from leaking out while using the Floorwash.  The scraper blade is welded to prevent possible breakage.
Adjustable Tank Height
Thanks to the practical height-adjustable tank, there are 3 different positions to select from, ensuring comfortable use.
Transport Wheels
The Floorwash is equipped with two rear rubber wheels - simply tilt Floorwash towards you for safe and easy movement.  Use the practical slot in the external tank for transport between different flooring.
  • Work capacity:  200mq/h
  • Motor:  Induction 400W - 2800rpm
  • Body Dimensions:  33cm (L) x 28.5cm (W) x 14cm (H)
  • Weight:  10Kg (empty)
  • Front Brush:  86-700rpm
  • Rear Brush:  54-1145rpm
  • Tank:  Removable, total capacity 4 Litres
  • Recovery Tank:  1 Litre

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