NI-712 Room Spray & Odour Eliminator

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The World famous NI-712 Room Spray & Odour Eliminator gets rid of the worst odours in 3.5 seconds. The Manufacturer of this product states “One Puff is Enough”…and it certainly is! Super-concentrated, one spray keeps an average 10’ x 10’ x 10’ room odour-free for up to eight hours. NI-712 actually eliminates odours – it doesn't just cover them up! Used by carpet cleaners who see the importance of leaving the room smelling clean and fresh - especially when using a plain water rinse.

This product has come highly recommended to us by some of our Carpet Cleaning customers. A fantastic product especially if you use a plain water rinse but still want to impress the customer with a pleasant fragrance after cleaning. After all, if it smells clean - it is clean! One single spray is all that is needed - the room is filled with a pleasant fragrance that lasts for hours. But it does more than just smell nice. NI-712 is one of the most powerful spray odour eliminators on the market - so powerful it's even used in mortuaries!
  • Probably the very best room spray on the market.
  • Very economical. Over 500 sprays per 473ml bottle and remember "One Puff is Enough!".
  • Eliminates bad smells naturally. It attacks the molecular structure.
  • Eliminates any 'wet dog' smells after carpet cleaning.
  • No smell too tough – smoke, urine, vomit, faeces, bad food, or even skunk (if anyone has a Pet Skunk I'll send them a free bottle!).
  • Used in hospitals, nursing/care and residential homes, hotels, schools, nurseries, funeral homes and anywhere that has an odour problem.
  • US tests show that NI-712 is nearly TWICE as effective as its nearest competitor. Guaranteed to end bad smells better than any other liquid deodourant.
Despite being probably the best room spray on the market, NI-712 works out cheaper than a normal supermarket aerosol spray. It lasts a very long time - in fact as long as 20 cans of domestic air freshener.

Simply spray once into the air when you finish the job. Then wait for the customer to comment on the lovely clean and fresh smell - your customers will love this!

Choose from Orange and Clothesline Fresh fragrances (Orange is thought to be more powerful while the Clothesline Fresh is more subtle).

Please choose which Fragrance you wish to receive: Orange or Clothesline Fresh from the drop down selection menu above.

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