Restore Odour Neutraliser (1L)

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Restore Odour Neutraliser (formerly known as Nemesis Odour Neutraliser) is an excellent, safe to use, deodourising and antimicrobial product, with residual properties, which actually eliminates the contaminants rather than just masking. This product eliminates malodours and noxious gases caused by bacteria, mould, mildews, mercaptans, amines, sulphides, acids etc. The biocide components effectively penetrate the protective shells of bacteria and destroy them on contact. This component also retards the regrowth of surface bacteria, mould and mildews. Use on Vomit, Faeces, decomposed food etc.

Directions: Dilute 10:1

  • Test that item can be wet cleaned before applying.
  • For urine, vomit, faeces, etc extract/remove as much of the contaminant as possible before soaking the area with Nemesis Odour Neutraliser.
  • Allow to dwell for 10-20 minutes, extract then re-apply and leave to dry.
  • Carpets require all surfaces to be treated, including the backing and underlay.
  • For general deodourisation apply by sprayer or wet fogger.
  • Can be added to extraction tank to leave a pleasant perfume.
  • Spraying after extraction cleaning leaves a fresh pleasant aroma.

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