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If you're looking for a hand held grout brush that'll tear into dirt, then we've got the tool for you.  The Shark Mini Hand Held Grout Brush has a thick, durable handle for easy gripping when scrubbing grout and is angled in a way to maximize downward force to get out the most stubborn stains.  The tough nylon bristles will outlast traditional brushes and have a sloped edge that cleans right up to the edge of the tile.  
Get the tile and grout brush that will take a big BITE out of tough grime on your grout lines!
The Shark Mini Tile and Grout Brush not only features 50% more bristles than competitive brushes, but they're also thicker and more durable.  You can scrub as hard as you need to, and the bristles won't bend, break or become too soft.
The Shark Mini features a curved handle that makes the tough work of scrubbing grout lines much easier on your hands and wrist.  Plus, with 5 rows of bristles strategically angled to provide plenty of surface area, you can use the Shark Mini on grout lines big or small.  The triangular shape of the central bristles allows the Shark to be effective on both thin or thick grout lines.  The bristles at the edges angle outward, so you'll clean a wider surface without having to strain or twist your wrist in uncomfortable angles.  Easily clean mineral deposits, hard water, mould, mildew and other dirt without breaking a sweat.  Slight pressure is all you need - the stiff bristles do the tough work for you.
The Shark is a beefy scrubbing tool and may leave marks on softer surfaces.  Be sure to use the Shark on the following compatible surfaces only:
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Glass
  • Bristle Height: 0.75" - 1.75"
  • Bristle Material: Thick nylon
  • Base Material: Plastic


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