WetChec Moisture Detector

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The Dri-Eaz WetChec is an invaluable tool for detecting moisture and urine in carpets and upholstery as well as hard surfaces.  Urine will develop uric salts which will register on the WetChec long after it has dried.

Using the WetChec and chalk enables you to highlight the contaminated areas and means that you can concentrate your efforts, and products, on these areas.  Simply identify the contaminated area with the WetChec and work outwards until it stops beeping and mark with chalk and continue to outline the contaminated area with the chalk.
When both points contact moisture, or uric salts, the Wetchec will begin to beep.  A faster beep indicates greater moisture condition and a slower beep indicates less moisture.
The Wetchec is a handy tool for testing if a hard surface is ready to accept sealer.  Please note it will only detect any moisture at the actual surface and not subsurface moisture.

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