Low Moisture Products

Low Moisture Products

Products for Low Moisture Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning that include high foam fast drying shampoos which can be applied by brush, bonnet, towel or foamer; encapsulation solutions which can be applied by rotary or contra-rotation brush machines; dry fibre compounds used with contra-rotating brush systems and mineral solvent cleaning products for materials which cannot be wet cleaned.

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Neutral pH cleaner, deodoriser, protector and drier for carpets with an added disinfectant.  For use with thermal rotary systems. 5L



An effective and economical blend of high foaming cleaning agents for use in carpet rotary and dry foam shampoo cleaning.


Active, high foam, crystallising shampoo suitable for use in all types of brush operated carpet shampoo machines.  5L

Concentrated, low moisture, dry foam for cleaning carpets and upholstery with minimum of wetting. 

A low-toxicity Dry Cleaning Solvent for use with solvent machines or by hand application on 'dry clean only' fabrics and upholstery. 5L


Dry Fabric Cleaner is a versatile product which can be used as a dry cleaner for upholstery and as a spotter for oily greasy stains.



An organic, biodegradable, formulation specifically developed for the dry cleaning of carpets and rugs.  Safe to use on wool.  2Kg and 10Kg


Contains organic biodegradable ingredients for dry cleaning of carpets, rugs and some upholstery. Ideal for spot removal.  12Kg



New formula Dynamall encap. No need for multiple products, Dynamall does it all: Cleans, Deodorises, Stainguards all in the one application.  Now in 5 Litres.


New name for Soil Retardant RotoBrite!  Chemspec has combined two proven performers in a single product. 3.78L


Sorry - currently out of stock at Legend Brands.

Hydrogen peroxide powered encapsulant which brightens carpets, tackling spots and stains.  Replacement for Roto-Brite II. 3.78L



Safe and effective dry cleaning of fabrics, tapestries, silks, velvets etc. which are not suitable for wet cleaning.   5L


Professional high foam crystallising shampoo with new micro-encapsulation formula for carpet rotary and dry foam cleaning of upholstery.


The ultimate green cleaner for carpets, upholstery and other wet cleanable surfaces.  Use for Low Moisture and as a HWE prespray.


Enzymatic encapsulation cleaner for those tough jobs where protein stains are a problem.  3.78L


New name for Liquid High Heat!  A complete rinsing agent - features more cleaning power than regular rinses.  Now in 5L


Soil encapsulating spray cleaner for interim carpet maintenance with cylindrical brush machine. Carpets clean and dry in 20 minutes.


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Multi-purpose carpet cleaning powder with new soap-free, enzyme-free and fragrance-free formula.


A powdered encap which is an extraction rinse, booster and low moisture cleaning...all in the one product.  3.4Kg


A powerful Hydrogen Peroxide carpet spotter, not only for organic stains like coffee and wine, but also for dirt and grease.  946ml


Citrus oxy encap to remove not only oily, greasy soils, but organic stains from carpets and fabrics.  Available in 3.78L



Our new powerful, polymer-based, solution with added oxidiser together with extra stain remover capabilities.


Carpet cleaning powder consists of thousands of micro-sponges which contain safe solvent for greasy soiling.


A high-powered encapsulation detergent formulated for the most difficult carpet cleaning challenges (end of tenancies, greasy restaurants).


Exclusive technology that prevents wicking and recurring spots and provides longer lasting dry soil protection.  Wonderful fragrance. 3.78L

Multi Purpose detergent free cleaner for both carpets and upholstery. Suitable for natural or manmade fibres including Wool.