Rinse Agents

Rinse Agents

Carpet and Upholstery Rinse Agents include a selection of products, some of which are designed as cleaners and rinses combined, and others designed to neutralise alkaline presprays.

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Safer organic acids in this neutralizing acid fibre rinse.  Excellent rinsing qualities which will leave fibres feeling soft to touch.

Works by neutralising any alkaline pre-sprays or detergents that have been used which can cause colour migration and resoiling etc. 


Works by neutralising any alkaline pre-sprays or detergents used which, if left inthe fibres, may cause colour migration, resoiling etc.  5L

Acid rinse to neutralise high alkaline detergents.  Excellent for stabilising possible unstable dyes, ie oriental rugs, metallic dyes etc.  5L

Acidic rinse agent for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays and stabilising colours. “Woolsafe” approved product for wool carpets and rugs.


Mildly acidic rinse to prevent colour bleed and browning.  Can be sprayed onto fibres to neutralise the pH level.  5L.



A high performance detergent for safe and effective cleaning of synthetic and wool carpets, rugs, fabric etc.  Primarily for Truck Mounts. 5L


A WoolSafe approved rinse product based on citric acid for wool carpets and rugs and stain-resistant nylon.


Sorry - currently out of stock at Legend Brands.

Cleans without the use of synthetic surfactant chemistry, turns residues into free rinsing soaps for fast complete removal.  


New name for Liquid High Heat!  A complete rinsing agent - features more cleaning power than regular rinses.  Now in 5L


An acidic neutralising polymer, encapsulating, rinse which will remove further soil whilst neutralising Alkaline detergent presprays.


A powdered encap which is an extraction rinse, booster and low moisture cleaning...all in the one product.  3.4Kg


Acidic rinse concentrate for use as a rinse agent or post spray for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays, stabilising colours, prevent browning.