Spot & Stain Removers

Spot & Stain Removers

Carpet & Upholstery Spot and Stain Removers which contain tried and tested formulations to deal with most spots and stain problems encountered on a daily basis.

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Contains products to deal with most stains that you will come across!  Standard size bottles makes it easy to replace them as they empty.


For use in situations where body spills occur.  Helps prevent airborne odours and soiling being absorbed into carpets and upholstery.


An effective solvent for the removal of most glues, nail polish, varnish and general spots.  1L



A handy aerosol solvent based spot remover, excellent on oil, grease, tar, polish and some glues in smaller areas.


Designed to remove printers inks & some dyes such as felt marker, grass stains, writing ink, ball point pen, lipstick, poster paint etc. 1L

A high alkaline spotter for use as part of the stain removal process to reverse and/or neutralise acid stain removal.  500ml

Enzyme digester in liquid form with a pleasant perfurm for use on all protein stains and bad odours.  Ready-to-Use Sprayer. 1L


For the effective removal of coffee, tannin and dye stains.  Works on new and old stubborn stains.  Now in 5L.


Multi-purpose heavy duty industrial non-scratch cleaner and degreaser.  Ready-to-Use form.  Now in 1L.


A very safe blend of solvents for use on nearly all carpets & fabrics except suede. For oil based stains, grease, chewing gum etc. 1L


Excellent Chewing Gum remover which not only dissolves gum but is also excellent at removing lipstick, tar, blu tac, wax etc.  1L.


A citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots on carpet and fabrics.


Use as a Pre-spray for Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. Excellent for removing draft marks and soot and carbon deposits.


An incredibly thick solvent cream for the effective removal of gum, tar, wax and other oil based stains.  500ml


Natural solvent degreaser for use on metals and fabrics. Removes tar, grease, mineral oil, carbon, bitumen, waxes etc.  1L


A special formulation for the safe straightforward removal of coffee and other tannin stains in carpets and most fabrics.  5L


Specially formulated acidic spotter for tea, coffee, beer, tannin, water marks and other yellow/brown discolorations on carpet and fabric.


Special formulation for the safe straightforward removal of coffee and other tanin stains in carpets and most fabrics. Now in 1L


Dry Fabric Cleaner is a versatile product which can be used as a dry cleaner for upholstery and as a spotter for oily greasy stains.



Dye Gone is effective on coffee, tea, barbeque sauce, gravy, urine, soy sauce, wine and much more, in fact anything containing a dye.


Dye Gone Refill - if you have previously purchased the Dye Gone Sprayer Kit then you only need to purchase the Refill, saving £5!


Effective cleaning solvent, add to Fabric Dry Cleaner aid removal of stubborn dirt, grease and oil based stains or use as a pre-spotter.  1L


Filter-Out removes air filtration soil lines along walls and doorways, near heating and air conditioning vents.


Powerful solvent gel for the removal of a wide range of oil based stains such as chewing gum, tar, grease, candle wax, crayon etc.  500ml


A natural solvent cleaner that not only deals with chewing gum, but also tar, inks, make-up, candle wax, blu-tac, shoe polish etc.  500ml



Versatile pre-spray designed for upholstery, drapery and carpet. Aids drying time due to the high solvent ratio.  Now in 5L.


An oxidising agent to help lighten the shaded area that may be left after normal stain removal procedures.  500ml


A  breakthrough in ink removal technology that removes ink stains fast without the use of harsh solvents. 946ml

Water-based spotter for ink, marker pen, lipstick, nail polish and other water and solvent soluble stains.  500ml

Natural solvent gel spotter, sits on the surface of stain to avoid causing damage to backings . Removes tar, grease, ink, gum,  etc.

1 - 30 of 72 results