Upholstery & Leather Products

Upholstery & Leather Products

Our range of products for Upholstery & Leather includes low and high foam detergents, rinse agents, dry cleaning fluids and protectors.

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Concentrated product with solvent boosters for use as a pre-spray when cleaning heavily soiled fabrics, for removing oil, grease etc.  5L

Safe and effective neutral pH in-tank powder for wool, stain resistant nylon carpets and a range of fabrics.  Available in 3Kg and 15Kg.

Designed to safely cut through body grease and grime on those impossible to clean low-pile fabrics such as cotton prints.  1L


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Designed for synthetics and naturals that bleed or have colour fast problems.  Use to eliminate or control cellulosic browning.  3.78L

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Safe and effective concentrated pre-spray for heavily soiled carpeted areas and upholstery.   5L


A low-toxicity Dry Cleaning Solvent for use with solvent machines or by hand application on 'dry clean only' fabrics and upholstery. 5L


Dry Fabric Cleaner is a versatile product which can be used as a dry cleaner for upholstery and as a spotter for oily greasy stains.



Active, high foam, crystallising shampoo suitable for use in all types of brush operated carpet shampoo machines.  5L


Advanced extraction detergent with micro-encapsulation anti-resoil formula for effective cleaning of carpets, rugs and fabrics.  5L

Low foam upholstery cleaner formulated for general use in hot water extraction cleaning.  Safe for most wet cleanable colourfast fabrics.  5L

Safe and effective dry cleaning of fabrics, tapestries, silks, velvets etc. which are not suitable for wet cleaning.   5L


Odourless solvent based fluorochemical fabric protector for new and dry cleaned upholstery fabrics etc to repel dirt and stains.  5L


Upholstery prespray with high concentrate blend of detergents for use on grease, hair oil and body contact areas of wet cleanable fabrics.


Heavy duty pre-spray for synthetic upholstery fabrics to break down common soils and spillages on synthetic upholstery fabrics


Upholstery Shampoo for deep cleaning without an extraction machine.  Quick drying agents to decrease drying time.


Mildly acidic rinse to prevent colour bleed and browning.  Can be sprayed onto fibres to neutralise the pH level.  5L.



Professional high foam crystallising shampoo with new micro-encapsulation formula for carpet rotary and dry foam cleaning of upholstery.


Deep cleans dirty and grimy leather.  Safe to use and very effective all purpose leather cleaner.  Available in 500ml and 5L.  


4-in-1 product with added barrier protection technology: feeds, nourishes, protects and re-instates leather aroma.  Now in 500ml and 5L.  


Helps replace natural oils leather loses with age and prolongs the leather's natural beauty. Keeps leather clean, soft and supple.


Safe and effective ready to use cleaner for finished leather.  Formulated with conditioner and pleasant leather fragrance.  New 1 Litre size.


Leather upholstery cleaner and conditioner with spray applicator. Contains speciality surfactants and neatsfoot oil.


Finishing treatment for cleaned leather upholstery, which replaces natural oils, restores suppleness and helps protect.


Safe, neutral pH, low foam cleaner with a pleasant lavender fragrance. Safe to use on wool and wool mix fibres. 5L


Safe gentle and effective cleaning powder for delicate fibres such as wool and for stain resistant nylon carpets requiring neutral pH.  5Kg

WoolSafe approved biodegradable prespray product for wool carpets and rugs and stain-resistant nylon.

A neutral pH pre-spray and spotter for carpets and upholstery, especially effective on greasy and oily soiling/stains.  5L


Amazing formulation for use as a spot cleaner or pre-spray when cleaning carpets and upholstery. Enzyme free, no detergents.   5L.


Sorry - currently out of stock at Legend Brands.

Cleans without the use of synthetic surfactant chemistry, turns residues into free rinsing soaps for fast complete removal.  


An anti-browning upholstery extraction cleaning detergent for natural fibre fabrics to prevent cellulosic browning.  2.7Kg

1 - 30 of 35 results