Craftex Spot & Stain Removers

Craftex Spot & Stain Removers

A range of products from Craftex to remove both water, and oil, based stains and spillages.

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Effective on a wide range of oil and water based stains, such as grease, shoe polish, oil, animal fats, foodstuff, general spillages etc. 5L
A very safe blend of solvents for use on nearly all carpets & fabrics except suede. For oil based stains, grease, chewing gum etc. 1L

Special formulation for the safe straightforward removal of coffee and other tanin stains in carpets and most fabrics. Now in 1L

A special formulation for the safe straightforward removal of coffee and other tannin stains in carpets and most fabrics.  5L
A specialist product for neutralising and treating pet urine and vomit stains on carpets, upholstery and wet cleanable surfaces.  Now in 1L.

Sorry - currently out of stock at Craftex.

Thick natural solvent gel remains on top of stains such as chewing gum, tar, blue tack, oil, grease and general spots etc.  1L


Currently unavailable

A very safe carpet and fabric treatment for the removal of stains such as coffee, tea, red wine and fruit juices etc. 1Kg


Revolutionary product for spot cleaning carpets and fabrics. Enzyme-free, no detergents.  Ready to use.  Now in 1L



Designed to remove printers inks & some dyes such as felt marker, grass stains, writing ink, ball point pen, lipstick, poster paint etc. 1L

An effective solvent for the removal of most glues, nail polish, varnish and general spots.  1L