Fire Restoration Products

Fire Restoration Products

Fire Restoration Products
A range of professional Fire Restoration Products to enable our customers to mitigate the effects caused by smoke and fire to residential or commercial properties. Professional restoration businesses need to use the best products available to restore buildings and lifestyles to a pre-incident condition. It's our job to make sure that our customers have the essential chemicals and equipment to help others in a time of need. Our products can help you remove the contamination caused by incomplete combustion and also remove the odours which linger long after the fire.

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Thermal Fogger is ideal for helping to eradicate odours caused by fire, smoke, pets, mildew etc with Solvent-based deodorant.



The ever popular white terry towel pieces. Extremely economical. Vacuum Packed rather than in boxes. Even better value as now 9Kg in weight!


5 litre working capacity sprayer with Viton pump valve washer, pressure safety valve, fibre glass lance and adjustable cone spray nozzle.


Chemspec Dry Cleaning Sponge (also known as Chemical Sponge, Chemspec Sponge or Soot Sponge).  Regular size.  




Chemspec Dry Cleaning Sponge (also known as Chemical Sponge, Chemspec Sponge or Soot Sponge). Large Size.


Neutralising Odour Blocks with Lemon & Lime Fragrance. Blocks act as odour magnets, grabbing odours from the air and neutralising them.  


Tornado is a non solvent, heavy duty cleaner designed to remove Carbon, Waxes, oils, Smoke Residues etc from all washable surfaces.



High performing solvent for the heaviest grease and oil residues.  For hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery!  5L


A water based polymer, solvent free sealant to encapsulate soot and smoke particles in voids, ducts and other hard to clean areas. 


Especially effective for controlling odours associated with structural fires and for tobacco-related odour removal.  3.78L
 A powerful water-based odour counteractant effective for smoke and tobacco related odours.  3.78L

Excellent all purpose deodoriser designed for pre-spraying as a contact deodoriser to kill odours or adding to your rinse tank.


Neutralisers fire, smoke and cigarette odours and removes residue that can cause odours. Suitable for hard surfaces and textiles.  3.78L