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Works very well on candle wax. Excellent product.
from on 13/01/2017
One of the toughest spots to deal with on a carpet is candle wax. When it is sitting on the top of the fibres, it's not too difficult, however, if the wax has seeped down through the fibre it is time consuming and difficult at times to remove.

A friend called saying that his cat had knocked over a Yankee Candle and there was a lot of wax on the carpet. No problem I replied, knowing from experience that people have a tendency to exaggerate a little. How wrong was I. The wax was over a large area and had seeped down the fibre almost to the backing.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I continued to clean the area the way I was trained, and By using the Alltec Gel solv I was able to remove the wax completely from the carpet.

I highly recommend this for any carpet cleaning professional. I'll use it again in the near future on another type of carpet soiling and report on how good the results are.

P.S. Off the back of this job I secured another two jobs. Results are virtually guaranteed if you follow the correct procedures.

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