LiftMate and Sliders

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Help make life a bit easier for you, and your back, by using our LiftMate and Sliders!
Our LiftMate furniture moving/lifting tool really does make it so easy to lift heavy furniture to place plastic furniture tabs/foam blocks etc under the legs after cleaning.  If you have to move furniture around during cleaning, the Sliders that come with the LiftMate are the best ones on the market - furniture really does glide across the carpet when using these.  The LiftMate provides easy leverage of heavy or hard-to-handle items.  The adjustable wheel adapts to fit different heights and soft, foam handle provides comfort when lifting heavy objects. 
Our Sliders (4 x 3.5" and 4 x 7") are made of hard and durable plastic on one side and durable black EVA foam on the other (foam side faces up, plastic side faces down onto the carpet).

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