Ironman Cotton Bonnet

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Bonnetpro's IronMan Carpet Cleaning Bonnets are manufactured from cotton and not only do they absorb significantly more than synthetic yarns, they also produce more friction and actually clean better.  IronMan Bonnets will improve your results over synthetic bonnets every time and are a great choice for both domestic and commercial carpet care.  Now available in 8", 13", 15", 17" and 21".
Bonnetpro's IronMan long-life Carpet Cleaning Bonnets utilize a unique tread-like tufting process called TRD (Total Reach Design).  Unlike the small 0.2" loops in terry cloth type bonnets, the .456" loops dig in and comb through much deeper and effectively, and provide true two-side cleaning.  IronMan bonnets won't bleed through, providing longer run times with fewer pad changes.  Now with the use of premium ring spun, long stapel, combed, virgin cotton specially made into Bonnetpro's IronMan Yarn, you get the best design with the best bonnet yarn available.  This give you an excellent clean, long service life and excellent feel under your rotary machine without the cotton shedding found on other cotton bonnets.  Don't forget, Bonnetpro's staggered TRD weave also allows this bonnet to penetrate deeper into the carpet fibres, not just float on the surface, giving you the best cleaning performance.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Yarns sourced in the USA.
  • Most durable cotton bonnet on the market.
  • Superior cleaning results over microfibre and synthetic bonnets.
  • Excellent cotton durability.
  • Runs easily and comfortably under your machine.
  • Reduces operator fatigue and blown circuits.
  • Use with Rotary Machines.**
  • No shedding.
**IronMan Bonnets can also be used on OP machines.  However, please note that some heavier OP machines and/or drives that have had the tips broken in on cement due to manufacturer's recommendations, may benefit with the use of a glide between the bonnet and carpet.  IronMan may not be suitable for all OP machines.  Due to the aggressive nature of OP machines and their different orbit sizes, weights and pad drives, some will more quickly wear the IronMan bonnets.  BonnetPro suggest washing and drying these bonnets before the first use as this will tighten the loops and help prevent premature wear (pre-washing is not necessary for use with Rotaries).  Do not over use the bonnet, meaning when it's dirty, change it, do not continue to run the bonnet grinding in the soils.  Makes sure the carpet/bonnet is properly lubricated with a good cleaner and enough solution on the carpet to protect the carpet and the bonnet.
Care instructions for IronMan Bonnets:
  • Trim pulls or loose fibres as needed.
  • Running over doorway thresholds or against wall corners will shorten life and damage bonnet.
  • Do not wash with other types of bonnets, especially those with scrubbing strips (Medium Pads or Zebra Pads) as these may cause shedding in the washing machine.
Watch Bonnetpro's John Klucznik on IronMan Bonnets:


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