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Bonnetpro's nanoSPOTMAXX is a ready-to-use carpet spotter and general purpose cleaner that can be used on almost any wet cleanable surface.
This super green product is a plant-based green cleaner made from edible plants - from food!  What could be cleaner and healthier?  This organic carpet spotter and all-purpose cleaner goes through a special process that allows the power of food to become a very powerful super cleaning agent.  nanoSPOTMAXX possesses a particle size that enters the amazing realm of quantum physics allowing faster penetration and soil removal.  nanoSPOTMAXX does what others have failed to do for so long - it cleans incredibly well!  All while having a zero health rating from OSHA - the best rating you can get.
Not only is nanoSPOTMAXX a very health-friendly product, it also will clean a variety of surfaces extremely well and, with the addition of AFT to the formula, future cleaning becomes even easier.  nanoSPOTMAXX reduces the number of products you need and simplifies your life.  Not only is it safe on carpet fibres, including stain resist and delicate wool yarns, but you can also use it on countertops, car wheels and tires, machines, floors, banister and more.
  • Out-cleans almost every cleaner in the marketplace.
  • Incredible carpet and multi-surface cleaning power.
  • Excellent soil and hydrocarbon penetration.
  • Leaves carpets and fibres safe and soft and hard surfaces clean.
  • Cleans fibre so they look vibrant and bright.
  • Contains AFT for easier future cleanings.
  • Compatible with all Surround and Revive iT products.
  • Ready to use formula.
  • Contains no hazardous components under current OSHA definitions.
  • 99% bio-based cleaning product ingredients.
  • Plus a DFE approved surfactant.
  • 0 Health Rating, 0 Flammability and Ecologically friendly.
  • pH 8-8.5
  • Non-ionic - safe for stain-resist materials.
  • Safe on all carpet fibres including wool and wet cleanable surfaces.
  • Safe on food preparation surfaces with after rinse.
  • Always pretest.  
  • Gently swirl or shake bottle before use.
  • Remove as much material as possible from carpet with scraping and vacuuming.  
  • Apply nanoSPOTMAXX directly to the carpet.  
  • Light agitation may be required.
  • Leave to dwell for several minutes (if required) and wipe or rinse away.
For other surfaces like doors, car wheels, banisters, counters etc, apply or spray on and wipe or rinse off.  Repeat if needed with a longer dwell time when required.  For organic stains, use Revive iT Oxy Spotter with peroxide.  May dull or strip waxed surfaces.
nanoSPOTMAXX can also be used as a glass cleaner (dilute 1/4oz (7.5ml) into a quart (946ml) of water). and as a hard/tiled floor maintenance cleaner (dilute 1/2-2oz (15-60ml) per US gallon (3.78L) of water).
A Safety Data Sheet is available below for download.

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