Revive iT Oxy Spotter (946ml)

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BonnetPro Revive iT Oxy Spotter is a powerful Hydrogen Peroxide carpet spotter, not only for organic stains like coffee and wine, but also for dirt and grease.  946ml

Oxy Spotter is a truly remarkable, ready-to-use spot and stain remover.  By using hydrogen peroxide, unique solvents and a special surfactant system, Oxy Spotter can clean many fibres and materials not previously correctable by cleaning.  Use on carpet and upholstery.  Oxy Spotter easily rinses with water and does not contain ingredients like Butyl, or caustic bleaches, plus it is biodegradable.  
Use on dirt and grease as well as wine, fruit juice, coffee and other organic discolourations like urine stains.
Hydrogen peroxide will give you a great range of spotting and stain removal over traditional spotters that are merely alkaline based and cannot, by the nature of their chemistry, remove organic discolourations.
Storing at room temperature, especially after opening, will increase the shelf life.
Oxy Spotter is very concentrated so please ensure that you wash your hands to remove soils or other chemical residue to prevent peroxide from reacting on skin.  If you cannot wash, ensure you are wearing gloves.
A Safety Data Sheet is available below for download.

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