Radical Rinse (3.4Kg)

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Bonnet Pro's Revive iT Rocket RADICAL RINSE powdered encap is an extraction rinse, booster and low moisture cleaner...all in the one product!

Product Features:
  • One 3.4Kg container of Radical Rinse is equivalent to 1-3 cases of liqud product.
  • Low dilution rates 0.5-1 oz. per US gallon (3.78L).
  • Incredibly economical - clean up to 96,000 feet per container.
  • Superior cleaning strength.  Excellent boosting ability.
  • Boost any product with only 1/2 oz. per US gallon (3.78L).
  • 100% active ingredients.  No fillers.
  • Mixes easily in water.
  • No soap, no sticky residue or harsh ingredients.
  • Excellent encapsulation properties.
  • Only rinse to contain AFT - Active Film Technology.
  • Oxy and citrus for high-performance carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • Very, very light citrus scent, suitable for cleaning in populated areas.
  • Built-in descaling ingredients, good for equipment.
  • Oxy helps remove organic discolourations.
  • No spills or freezing issues.
  • pH of 9.5 in dilution.
Let Radical Rinse, the first powdered encap extraction rinse, plus AFT, change the way you think about carpet cleaning.  With as little as 1/2 to 1 ounce per US gallon (3.78L), you can get amazing encapsulation results!  Light citrus scent, incredibly low dilutions in an ultra-concentrated encapsulation extraction rinse, encapsulation detergent and booster for any of Bonnet Pro's other cleaners.  Plus, Radical Rinse is an incredibly easy-to-mix powder.  You won't believe the cleaning power you achieve from such a small amount of product!  It truly is Radical.  Who knew that with as little as 1/2 ounce per gallon you could effectively clean carpet.
The scoop in the tub is 1oz (30ml) size.
Radical Rinse is freeze stable and takes up less space in your van or in storage.
Just one 3.4Kg container can clean up to 96,000 feet as an extraction rinse or booster at 1/2 oz per US gallon (3.78L).  Or an amazing 48,000 feet at 1 oz per US gallon (3.78L) as a bonnet/low moisture cleaner.
This saves you money, space and you'll love the cleaning results from this exciting encapsulation product.  So, whether you use Radical Rinse for extraction on carpet and upholstery, bonnet, CRB or whatever method you use, Rocket's Radical Rinse will be the right choice for your cleaning operation.
Unique:  This game changing product is the only powdered extraction rinse to contain Active Film Technology that helps make future cleanings easier and faster.  This is great for the company that has repeat customers every month or quarter.
Highly Versatile:  Use as an extraction rinse to improve cleaning results and Radical Rinse will impart encapsulation properties and AFT.  Use as a booster to reduce or eliminate spotting with any Bonnet Pro liquid while saving time and improving overall carpet appearance.  Use with any low moisture method for an incredibly easy-to-use product.
Good for Synthetic Carpet and Upholstery:  Bonnet Pro's new T4H proprietary encapsulation with AFT reduces the re-soiling rates, especially for hot water extgraction.  This helps carpet stay cleaner longer and can make future cleanings easier.
Superb Value:  Radical Rinse dilution rates are incredible at 1/2 - 1 oz per US gallon (3.78L), and being a powder, it will not freeze in cold weather climates, saving you money and frustration.  Combine this with its outstanding cleaning power and you'll agree that Rocket's Radical Rinse will be a real asset to your bottom line and helps simplify your product selection.
Oxy Citrus and More:  Bonnet Pro's special cleaning ingredients will help cut through the tough soils and organic stains you encounter.  Radical Rinse has a very light citrus scent that can be used in populated environments without complaint of chemical odour.
Many of Radical Rinse's ingredients are natural - actually 5 of them - which is why it smells very light and can be used in populated areas without complaints, making Radical Rinse the safer choice for your and your customers.
Improve Results:  While acid rinses can harm fittings and will pervert pre-spray chemistry, reducing its ability to clean, Radical Rinse helps boost cleaning while encapsulating residues and imparting Active Film Technology to make future cleanings easier.  Improve cleaning results while reducing re-soiling rates at ultra-low dilutions.

Watch Bonnet Pro's John Klucznik explain a little bit about Radical Rinse: 



What is AFT?

It's not encapsulation, it's not protector...it's the next evolution in carpet care technology!
Have you ever seen a dirty flower?  We haven't either.  Some plants use what is called the "Lotus Effect", this is one of nature's ways to self-clean every time it rains.  While it can't rain inside and clean your carpets, Bonnet Pro has the next best thing!
Active Film Technnology, or AFT, is a positive film that coats the surface fibre with an invisible durable layer only a few microns thick.  This is to help prevent the "negative" oily film commonly called an oily binder that causes rapid resoiling.  Bonnet Pro's positive or helpful AFT film barrier exhibits repellent properties.  When the fibre is cleaned, the AFT hydrophillic barrier causes soils to "float" on the Active Film so soils can be displaced or cleaned more easily, and often with a less aggressive cleaning chemical.  AFT then also helps prevent new soils from attaching to the underlying face fibre once Bonnet Pro's AFT is in place.  This amazing component is natural, safe and non-toxic.
Encaps dry down and leave a polymer coating to suspend small particles of soil to be removed by vacuuming.  Semi Fluorinated chemicals also coat the fibre and reduce surface tension but can be expensive and will increase dry times.  While protectors can still be used with AFT, AFT is much cheaper, does not require extra application time, has no odour and is reapplied every time you clean at no extra cost to the company providing the cleaning, as it will be built into many Bonnet Pro encapsulation formulas starting with OMEGA Citrus and now Radical Rinse.
A Safety Data Sheet is available to download below.

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