One Earth Carpet Cleaner & Prespray Powder (3.6Kg)

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Chemspec One Earth Carpet Cleaner & Prespray Powder replaces DFC210.  An Ecologo-Certified Detergent Free Cleaning product.  Product combines with carpet soils and surfactant residues to make them free rinsing to leave carpets residue-free and clean.
One Earth Carpet Cleaner & Prespray Powder is an alkaline pretreatment formulation, ideal for use on traffic lanes and other heavily soiled carpeting areas.
Comes in powdered form for maximum economy.
Can be used as a prespray or as a rinse.
For use with Pressure Sprayer: Mix 2 scoops (3oz or 90g) per 18L of hot water for pre-spraying traffic lanes and heavily soiled carpets.
For use with Inline Sprayer: Mix 4-6 scoops (6-9oz or 180-270g) in 4.8L of hot water, depending on soil conditions.
Be sure powder is completely dissolved before using.
  1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
  2. Preinspect/pretest/pretreat spots as needed.  Post wet floor signs as needed.
  3. Apply ready-to-use solution at the rate of 200 square feet per ready-to-use 4L (5 square metres per litre).  Use a coarse spray and avoid generation of fine mist.  Avoid overspray on surfaces not being cleaned.
  4. Allow 10 to 15 minute dwell time but do not allow solution to dry on the carpet.
  5. Rinse extract with hot water.
  6. Use sufficient airflow to ensure that the carpet will dry quickly.  
  7. After the surface has dried, vacuum to remove any residues.
pH: 9.5 (ready-to-use solution)

Safety Data Sheet and Product Specification Sheet are available below to download.

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Safety Data Sheet Download
Product Specification Sheet Download

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