Fission (3.78L)

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Chemspec Fission prespray has unique Soil Separation Technology, detaching even tightly-bound particulates from carpet piling and suspend it for removal.  This effect also enables Fission to dissolve greasy, oily soils and to remove particulate soils, such as pet hair, from carpets.   Formulated to deal with the toughest oily or heavy duty ground in soil.  A hugely succesful and effective "problem solver" in especially challenging ad contaminated circumstances that require high pH performance.  3.78L
Can be used as a traffic lane cleaner, prespray or a very effective spotter.
For use in a pump-up or electric sprayer:
  • Add 120-180ml of Fission with enough water to make 3.78L of ready-to-use solution.
  • Pre-inspect/pre-test/pretreat spots as needed.
  • Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
  • Apply Fission ready to use solution ad allow adequate dwell time.
  • Rinse extract with Chemspec All Fiber Textile.
For use in a Truck Mount system inline sprayer:
  • Mix 1.5-2 litres Fission with enough water to fill 5L continer.
  • Use warm water.
Ordering Case quantity (4 x 3.78L) will entitle you to a discount.
pH at use: 12.9
A Safety Data Sheet and Product Information Sheet are available for download below.

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