Double-O (3.78L)

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Odor-X Double-O is a double strength odour counteractant which eliminates stubborn protein odours.  3.78L.
Double-O is an odour control product used primarily to eliminate the unusually obnoxious odours that come from events involving protein.  A common example is a fire involving foods such as meat, poultry and fish.  Double-O is also quite useful in controlling odours from spoiled food or sewage.
Double-O is a blend of odour control counteractants, solvents and detergents that reduce the spread of odour causing molecules into the atmosphere.  Double-O also contains surfactants that help the product penetrate into odour damaged surfaces and to disperse in water.  When applied to porous or absorbent materials, the solvents in ready-to-use solutions of Double-O dry rapidly thus promoting the desorption of smoky malodours from treated surfaces.
Ordering Case quantity (4 x 3.78L) will entitle you to a discount.
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