EncapBrite SR (Soil Retardant) (3.78L)

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New name for Soil Retardant RotoBrite!  Chemspec has combined two proven performers in a single product.  Chemspec EncapBrite SR gives you the superior bonnet cleaning power of EncapBrite plus the outstanding protection of 'soil-resistant' retardant in one easy-to-use formula.  3.78L

Using EncapBrite SR will significantly reduce cleaning frequency.  It keeps soil and stain protection at peak levels to reduce re-soiling and helps you maintain optimum carpet appearance without spending a lot of your valuable time and labour on the job.
Because there is no measurable residue, re-soiling is retarded and carpet appearance is impressive.  No residue means you can apply topical treatments, such as anti-static sprays and protectors, almost immediately.
This product cleans 2,000-3,000 square feet per hour and dries quickly.  Plus, pre-spotting is virtually eliminated.  EncapBrite mixes at 12 fluid oz (360ml) per US gallon (3.78L) of water.  Each diluted gallon covers 800-1,000 square feet.
This product is freeze thaw stable.
Bonnet cleaning is an interim-maintenance program typically used in commercial cleaning situations.  It is considered a low-moisture cleaning system.  This process only cleans the face fibres.  It does not get a deep-down cleaning like shampooing and extraction does.
  • Vacuum carpet.
  • Using a pump-up sprayer, apply diluted bonnet cleaner to carpet.
  • Run a bonnet machine or a floor machine with a pad driver and carpet bonnet over the carpet.  Flip bonnet over, or replace bonnet as it becomes soiled.
  • The bonnet cleaning chemical will become a crystal upon drying.  This dry crystal will be vacuumed away during daily maintenance.
pH 9-10
Suitable for Carpet, Wool.
Floral Fragrance
Ordering Case quantity (4 x 3.78L) will entitle you to a discount.
Safety Data Sheet and Product Information Sheet are available below to download.

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