Air Neutraliser Spice (3.78L)

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ProRestore Unsmoke Air Neutraliser Spice is a water based deodoriser for effective removal of many odours, especially effective against fire, smoke and cigarette odours. Can be used to fog air ducts, added as a booster to alkaline detergents such as Formula 90 Powder if dealing with severe odour areas. Spice fragrance, clear amber liquid.  Available in 3.78L.  Please note that this product replaces the now discontinued Air Neutraliser Citrus.
Use at full strength, as a solution or an additive depending on the application for:
  • Interior air deodorizing.
  • Neutralizing Odour on burnt surfaces.
  • As an additive for wall cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • To remove cigarette odours, plus tar and nicotine residue.
Apply directly with a mister or add to other cleaning agents or paint for highly effective and long-lasting odour control.
Dilute for use.  Cover furniture, paintings, clothes or any objects subject to attack by solvents.  Avoid overwetting.
For Interior Air Deodorizing:  Mix 22oz (660ml) to 3.78L of water.  Use fine mist setting on cold fogger.  Repeat treatment if necessary.
For Burnst Surfaces: Use full strength.  Apply with a natural fibre brush.
As an Additive: To wall cleaning solution - use 3oz (120ml) per dilution 3.78L.  To water-based paint - use 4oz (120ml) per 3.78L.  To carpet and upholstery shampoo - use 1oz (30ml) per diluted 3.78L to cut soot and deodorise textiles.
For Removing Cigarette Odours: Add 3oz (90ml) to regular cleaning solution.  Will remove tar and nicotine from all surfaces.
Ordering Case quantity (4 x 3.78L) will entitle you to a discount.

pH @ use: 6.0-7.0

Coverage: Up to 30 cubic metres per 4 L (fogging). Other uses see label.

Dilution: Various see label.
Safety Data Sheet and Product Information Sheet are available below to download.

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Safety Data Sheet Download
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Quantity 1 x 3.78L

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