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Chemspec Enz-All is one of the most powerful enzymes in the industry, formulated to deal with the toughest grease, oils and protein soils and stains..  It can be used as a traffic lane cleaner/prespray, or a very effective spotter.  Particularly effective on ground in commercial applications, this is a versatile addition to the range of any professional carpet cleaning company. 
Enz-All is the performance leader in removing protein and greasy soils as well as blood, food, coffee and urine staining.  Superior results in homes, food service areas and health care environments.
Floral fragrance, off-white powder.  Now available in 2.7kg and 10Kg.
pH @ use: 11.5-12.5

Coverage: Up to 200 square metres per 42g.

Dilution: 2 scoops (60g) to 4L hot water. T/M 340g to 4.7L water.
Safety Data Sheet and Product Information Sheet are available below to download.

Additional product information

Safety Data Sheet Download
Product Specification Sheet Download

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