Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice Deodoriser (5L)

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Craftex Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice Bactericidal Deodoriser, part of their new Signature Series, with a longer lasting perfume.  Very popular fragrance at Christmas time!

Imperial Topaz, the most sought after and desirable of all natural topaz through the ages. Craftex have taken this gemstone and laced it with overtones of warming spices. The result: a stunning and highly desirable fragrance that will eliminate odours and bacteria while offering a longer lasting fragrance.
This product eliminates odours and bacteria caused by pets, urine, faeces, vomit, smoke and foodstuffs etc.
Product can be used in conjuction with carpet and textile shampoos, or sprayed and left for maximum effect.  Available in 5L
pH 6.75

Directions for Use:
Remove and absorb (clean) excess spillages from area needing treament. Dilute 10ml Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice per litre of water, or use neat according to intensity of odour/spillage. Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice can be applied using an injection extraction cleaning machine, mopping system or a sprayer. Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice must come into full contact with the source of the odour to be able to eradicate the odour/germs. Extreme cases may require more than one treatment.
A Safety Data Sheet and Product Specification Sheet are available to download.

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Safety Data Sheet Download
Product Specification Sheet Download

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