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Cleansmart's Airflex Magma is an outstanding in-line heater for professional carpet cleaning machines.  With design input from two of the World's leading heater manufacturers, it's no surprise that the Magma is no ordinary in-line heater.

The first difference you'll notice is the weight.  The Magma is a heavier in-line heater.  But isn't this a disadvantage?  Not if you want maximum heat:  Magma Heaters contain more metal, which gives you better heat transfer, and a very clever internal design that gives you even more heat, plus less temperature fluctuation when cleaning.
The next thing you'll notice is the amount of heat you get with stone cold water in the tank of your machine.  With most in-line heaters, you are lucky to get barely warm water, if you start with cold water in the tank.  However, with the Magma Heater, you really can get consistent hot water direct from cold.  Allow the Magma to warm up, then start cleaning at up to 350psi.  When the water starts coming through carefully check the brass quick connecst - BE CAREFUL, they will be hot!
Now continue to clean, making 4 normal passes with the wand, followed by 4 dry passes.  Cleaning in this way allows the heater to keep up and gives you consistently hot water at the wand.
For steam boosted cleaning opt for the 110° option.  Preheat using the Magma's pre heat facility to preheat the water in the clean tank while you set up the rest of your gear.  Now set the thermostat to maximum and prepare for some seriously hot cleaning.
Any fan of steam boosted cleaning will tell you how easily you can cut through heavy, greasy soiling.  With the power to remove wax, Blu Tac and even chewing gum, you will be impressed by the results.
The problem with having a fantastic heater is that lots of heat is not always a good thing.  For example, when cleaning heat sensitive fabrics.  Most heaters are not adjustable so the risk of damage can be a problem when cleaning delicate fabrics with the heater on.  The Magma Heater is fully adjustable.  So if you're worried about too much heat?  No problem...just turn it down.
The Magma 4 is now built with a super tough new roto-molded casing, with all connections to the heater casting safely protected inside.  Some in-line heaters are built within a sealed unit, so that if a component fails you have to go out and buy a whole new heater.  The Magma Heater is fully serviceable, so if the heater element eventually fails, it can easily be replaced at a tiny fraction of the cost of having to buy a whole new heater.
  Immersion Heater Magma In-Line Heater
Instant heat? Approx. 70 minutes to heat 55 litres of water from 25-65° with 3 KW element. Once warmed up (about 3 minutes) you have a constant supply of hot water.
Maximum temp? 65° (hotter than this damages the pump and voids the warranty on Pumptec pumps) 110° (heater is after the pump so can be much higher)
Heat loss between machine and wand Loss of heat as you move further away from the machine. Heater can be positioned close to the wand for maximum heat.


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