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Keep your van and customers' houses clean with the Hoser Hose Cleaner.  Works on 38mm-50mm (1.5" - 2") Vacuum Hoses.  No more wasting time using towels!  Quickly and easily blast scum from your vacuum and solution hoses with the Hoser. Whether your pulled your hoses over soil in a garden, or across the floor after a sewage job, the Hoser is a must for keeping hoses, and more importantly, your customer's floors clean.

Clean AND dry your hoses in one fast pass!
This is the only tool in the industry that quickly cleans and dries vacuum and solution hose.  The hose is cleaned by passing through the Hoser's 3 cleaning brushes to scrub off soil, and is then blasted with hot water by a 360 degree cleaning ring.  Water is removed by the extractor's vacuum and 2 rubber squeegees, so it leave the hoser clean and dry.
  • Internal cleaning ring blasts hose from all sides.
  • Vacuum clannel quickly removes water.
  • Shatterproof glass-filled polypropylene plastic.
  • Rated for use from 100-1000psi.
  • Can attached to 1.5" or 2" vacuum hose.
  • Cleans vacuum hose with Flash Cuffs attached.
  • Three internal scrubbing brushes and 2 rubber squeegees for superior agitation and water removal.






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