25' 1.5" Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose with Hose Cuffs

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25' 1.5" Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose complete with Hose Cuffs. The HD Vacuum Hose no-weld design is great for all portable extraction applications where temperature and high vacuum combine to create the harsh environments and high failure rates that plague 'all plastic' hose. The no-weld profile design provides better flex life in a design that will never unravel. The special layer of high performance material protects against collapse in the most demanding applications making it ideal for commercial extraction equipment with built in heaters elevating the temperature of the cleaning solution. Formulated to resist chemicals the HD no-weld won't swell or lose properties over exposure to cleaning chemicals.


Product Note Status Price
1.5" Hose Cuff 1.5" Hose Cuff
1.5" Hose Connector 1.5" Hose Connector
Hose Hook Hose Hook
Hoser Hose Cleaner Hoser Hose Cleaner
Hose Bag Hose Bag
Hose Holder (Plastic) Hose Holder (Plastic)
Hose Holder (Steel) Hose Holder (Steel)
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