The best TFR we have come across. Brilliant for cleaning all hard surfaces including stone and concrete.  Available in 5L and 25L.




Microfibre Flat Mophead for  'dust' and 'damp' mopping of hard floors and also the application of floor finish.


An excellent tool for the application of floor polishes and sealers. Complete with 48" handle, Frame and 1 x Mophead.


Mildly abrasive dry buffing/light spray cleaning floor pad. Wiill buff away light soil and remove scuff marks and dirt. 17" & 13"


A medium abrasive floor pad for spray cleaning, removes dirt and scuff marks easily from heavily soiled floors.  17" & 13"


Heavy duty wet scrubbing pad for renovating, provides a new surface ready for recoating. Removes dirt and scuffs. 17" & 13"