Own Label Spotter Bottles (x 50)

(excl. of VAT)

Promotional Spotter Bottles are now recognized as an excellent alternative to Business Cards. Business Cards are easily lost, or discarded, whereas leaving a bottle of Promotional Spotter with a client leaves them with a ‘useful’ item that will be much appreciated. The labels are printed with your Company Name, Logo and Contact Details giving your clients easy access to your business.

These Spotter Bottles can be a very powerful marketing tool aimed at both your domestic and commercial clients. They will pay for themselves many times over. Bottles will contain a micro-splitting based product. This totally safe product ensures that no liability is imparted from yourself to the customer.  Absolutely perfect for the consumer market as they are safe to use and do not require any hazard notices.

Safe to use on any water washable fibre and very effective on many water based spots and stains.

Your details are printed on labels that are very hardwearing and waterproof. The ink is also waterproof and won’t ‘rub off’ through use.

Simply send us your details - company name, telephone number and logo if you have one. We will then send you a proof, containing a few versions of your proposed label, for approval. Once approved, the Spotter Bottles should be ready within 7 days.

Please note that we do not charge for setting up the artwork for your label so the price is an amazing

£1.95 + VAT per 500ml bottle


There is a minimum order of 50 bottles. If you would like to add more bottles to your order of 50 then you can do do by Clicking Here.

There are a number of ways you can utilize these Spotter Bottles:

Free - Leave a bottle with every client. Not only will this enhance your professional image but your details will always be at hand. You could leave 2 or 3 extra bottles for clients to pass on to their friends and relatives which creates an excellent referral system.

Free with a Survey - If you survey and quote for every job then why not leave a free bottle of Spotter? If your prospective client has two similar quotes, and can’t decide which to go for, this may be the thing that sways them your way!

Free Refills - Offer to refill your client’s bottle every time they run out. Not only does this help to ensure that your client will return to you, rather than another company, but also helps to keep you in regular contact with your customers. Marketing gurus always stress how important it is to keep in touch with your ‘customer database’ but time constraints sometimes makes this something that we mean to do but it always gets put off for another day. Offering Free Refills means that your clients do this for you!

Sell as an Add-On - These Spotter Bottles are an excellent ‘add-on’ to your services. You set your own charge but you may be interested to know that some customers are selling these for as much as £9.95 per bottle. If you offer these to commercial clients you will probably find that they will want to buy them in ’bulk’.

If you wish to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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