Microfibre Bonnet Pad 17"

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This Microfibre Bonnet Pad (17") is excellent for cleaning all carpet types using a rotary machine and appropriate chemicals! The Microfibre will not just remove the surface dirt but also grease and grime etc. They are also ideal for cleaning all hard floors.
If using on carpet you will find that they leave the surfafce almost touch dry and are therefore ideal for use in public areas where drying time needs to be at a minimum.

These mops can be machine washed upto 90 degrees. DO NOT use fabric conidtioner or bleach during wash.
  • Size 17 inch.
  • Cleans Carpets and Hard floors.
  • Leaves surface much dryer than traditional extraction methods.
  • Can be washed upto 300 times.
  • Cleans using just water or detergents.

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