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My 'go to' microsplitter
from on 19/10/2017
This is surprising all purpose powder and when a 'microsplitter' is required this the one I go to. I've used it as a prespray and as an in tank extraction chemical and it has worked wonders. I had to deal with very heavy draught marks (on an 80/20) so as an experiment I used a
strong dilution of Pureclean as a pre spray, brushed it in and extracted with the same chemical in the tank and I was pleasantly surprised that the draught marks were removed easily and completely. However when I tried it again on the next job with draught marks it failed and had to revert to a detergent so I guess it depends on the carpet type. I use it in a spotter dilution as a last resort when other have failed and sometimes it comes up trumps. It's often good on upholstery too if it's not too greasy.
Residue free cleaning
from on 22/09/2014
Cleaned a M&S suite synthetic suite, cleaned awesome
Very good
from on 12/12/2013
Very cost effective general carpet cleaning prespray

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