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Great for upholstery
from on 24/05/2019
Been using these products for years and always get great results on upholstery with a good dwell and plenty of agitation where needed. Sometimes needs a bit more help with heavy greasy areas but can usually be sorted easily.
With good agitation this is excellent on normal to medium soiled carpets and helps with problems such as urine, smells, coffee and general spots and stains.
Overall a great product which helps me keep green cleaning as much as possible.
5 Star product.
from on 30/01/2017
I have been using an other manufactures green pre spray with varying results. I bought a 1 lt bottle of this to try. its now my go to pre spray for domestic carpets.
just ordered 5lts to live on the van
Just as good as another popular brand.
from on 10/06/2016
Used this for the first time yesterday, as I had finished using another popular brand.

Is it any good?

Without any doubt it's just as good as the other brand, and cheaper too!

Stick to the dilution rate, and do not forget to allow dwelling time. Pre spray with nice warm water. If you have something to agitate with then even better! Spray up two/three rooms at a time, once you have set your machine up. By the time you have finished the first room, the dwell time on the other rooms will be more than adequate.

Leaves carpets nice and soft too.

So cheap to use.
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