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Restore Dri-Fresh is an organic, biodegradable, formulation which has been specifically developed for the dry cleaning of carpets and rugs.  Dri-Fresh is a high quality, natural fibre powder, which is moistened with specially formulated cleaning agents with a pleasant citrus fragrance.  The natural fibre used to carry the cleaning agents to the carpet acts like hundreds of little sponges encapsulating the soiling ready to be extracted with a vacuum, leaving the carpet fibres rejuvenated, fresh, clean and deodorised.
Ideal for maintenance cleans and spot removal and safe to use on Wool.  No drying time required as carpets can be walked on immediately after cleaning. 
Dri-Fresh has a pleasant citrus fragrance.  
Dri-Fresh is available in both 2Kg and 10Kg.  We often get asked for a dry cleaning compound in a small size for those 'one-off' jobs of a rug or a small room, so the 2Kg tub is ideal for these jobs.  
  • Ready to Use.  Mix well before use or turn container a few times so that the moisture (which may have settled at the bottom) is evenly distributed.
  • Vacuum carpet/rug thoroughly to remove as much loose soiling as possible.
  • Treat any stains, or traffic lane areas, with suitable product.
  • Distribute Dri-Fresh onto area to be cleaned.  1Kg will clean 15-20 sq. metres depending on the level of soiling.
  • Using a CRB machine, brush in all directions to ensure thorough treatment is applied.
  • Leave to dwell for 15-20 minutes and allow product to dry, absorbing the dirt.
  • Once completely dry, remove the product using a commercial upright vacuum cleaner.

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