Restore Odour Neutraliser (5L)

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Customer ratings for Restore Odour Neutraliser (5L)

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 5
A very sucessful product.
from on 28/11/2015
When all other deodorisers fail this will most probably sort it. It has often turned a difficult odour situation round and produced a very successful outcome.
from on 30/04/2015
As the product says, it actually eliminates the contaminants and we as a company would highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in cleaning & decontamination industry.
If all else fails, this will most probably be the answer
from on 17/02/2015
When we have a car smelling of dog, after the thorough clean through, this is the product we fog into the car with the fans going to penetrate the air system and fabrics.


Product Note Status Price
Carpet Syringe Carpet Syringe
Injectimate Large Dosing Injection System Injectimate Large Dosing Injection System
Spot Lifter Water Claw Spot Lifter Water Claw
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