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Smelly waste tanks on portable and truckmount machines is a big problem. Our Tank Buster Bacteria Tablets are simple, effective and environmentally friendly (100% bio-degradable). They are Nature’s remedy to odour control.

Concentrated dry powder culture which are pressed into a block (tablet) and contains no solvents or caustics chemicals and can be used with all metals and plastics.

Tank Busters are available as a pack of ten and have a long shelf life as they only start to break down when re-hydration occurs.

We recommend that for typical Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines, simply fill waste tank with water, if there is a slight malodour then add 1 x Tank Buster tablet, if heavy malodour is present then add 2 x Tank Buster tablets and leave overnight before emptying tank. However, it will be more beneficial, especially if heavy malodour is present, if the tablets could be left to soak for over two nights (i.e. weekends). For Truckmount waste tanks, the procedure is the same however 2-4 Tank Buster Tablets are recommended.

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