WC2000 Cleaner & Deodoriser (5L)

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WC2000 is a very effective biological washroom cleaner that works by degrading organic soiling to completely eradicate stains and odours. Use on porous washroom surfaces such as flooring materials and tile grouting and especially around urinals and toilets where soiling has been absorbed below the surface. WC2000 will remove calcium deposits on toilet bowls, sinks, showers, taps and fittings. Use to clean all washroom fittings.

Highly effective against urine odours. Prevents uric acid scale build-up in urinals, toilet bowls and on walls and floors.

WC2000 may be introduced into the cistern or applied directly onto contaminated surfaces as often as required to maintain clean odourless washrooms.

Regular cleaning with WC2000 eradicates these deposits, maintaining a cleaner, odour-free washroom. WC2000 works biologically and may be adversely effected by bactericidal cleaners such as bleach and disinfectants.

Odour Problems in Washrooms - Spray or swab contaminated surfaces, working well into the soiling with a clean, damp cloth or damp mop. Leave WC2000 to work for a few minutes before wiping away any excess liquid. Do not rinse but allow to dry slowly. Repeat regularly until aged problems have been eradicated. To maintain an odour free washroom, spray and wipe soiled and contaminated areas regularly with WC2000.
Mop Application - Severe odours use 1:1 with water.
General Maintenance - 1:20 parts water.
Sink & Waste Outlets - Pour a little directly into sink and urinal outlets during quiet periods or at night, to eliminate scale, odours and blockages.

Technical Information
WC2000 contains micro-organisms and free enzymes that produce an enzymatic activity to degrade organic matter and uric salts.

Features & Benefits
pH value approx 4.5
Highly effective against odour
Pleasant fragrance
No harmful properties
Formulated to spray

Stable for a minimum of 12 months. Store in sealed original container out of direct sunlight.

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