Upholstery & Leather Products

Upholstery & Leather Products

Our range of products for Upholstery & Leather includes low and high foam detergents, rinse agents, dry cleaning fluids and protectors.

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Enzyme digester in liquid form for use as a pre-spray or spot and stain remover for all protein stains and bad odours.  5L


Now only available in 5Kg!

Coarse cleaning powder for use on carpets, most curtains & upholstery. Very economical with rust inhibiting and brightening properties. 


High performing solvent for the heaviest grease and oil residues.  For hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery!  5L

A natural, enzymatic urine and odour remover, with Cranberry fragrance for malodours caused by urine, vomit and faeces.  3.78L
Multi Purpose detergent free cleaner for both carpets and upholstery. Suitable for natural or manmade fibres including Wool.
31 - 35 of 35 results