Hard Floor Products

Hard Floor Products
Cleaning solutions, machines and accessories to tackle a range of Hard Floor surfaces in domestic and commercial premises. Everything from chemicals, rotaries, floor pads etc.

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Use Floor Edging Holder to access areas where floor machines cannot reach. Frame 23cm x 10cm.



White Pad for polishing to fit onto the Floor Edging Holder. Size 10" x 4.5" (26cm x 11cm).


Blue Pad for cleaning and scrubbing to fit onto the Floor Edging Holder. Size 10" x 4.5" (26cm x 11cm).


Black Pad for heavy duty scouring to fit onto the Floor Edging Holder. Size 10" x 4.5" (26cm x 11cm).


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Fine pad for polishing dry floors, remove light dirt whilst maintaining high gloss finish. Also for bonneting carpets. 17" & 13"


Mildly abrasive dry buffing/light spray cleaning floor pad. Wiill buff away light soil and remove scuff marks and dirt. 17" & 13"


Ideal for dry buffing, wet spray buffing and light duty scrubbing. Cleans when damp, buffs when dry.  17" & 13"


A medium abrasive floor pad for spray cleaning, removes dirt and scuff marks easily from heavily soiled floors.  17" & 13"


Heavy duty wet scrubbing pad for renovating, provides a new surface ready for recoating. Removes dirt and scuffs. 17" & 13"


Aggressive heavy duty pad for wet stripping. Prepares floors for recoating. Removes dirt, wax, floor finish and sealers.  17" & 13" 


Used for stripping and surface preparation.  Perfect for use with all types of rotary machines.  


A chemical free non-abrasive cleaning pad which is perfect for cleaning with just water in areas where chemicals cannot be used.  17"


Perfectly designed to seal/buff TileMaster sealers into the surface while removing excess sealer from the surface.   


Microfibre Bonnet Pad 17" to clean carpets and hard floors with a rotary machine. Superior product which can be washed upto 300 times.


'A'-Frame, bright and noticeable with "Caution Cleaning in Progress" on one side and "Caution Wet Floor" on the reverse.


Floor Squeegy complete with handle. For removal of standing liquid on floors. Can be used on any tiled or hard floored areas.


Replacement Floor Squeegy Head. 22" For removal of standing liquid on floors on any tiled or hard floored areas.


Ideal for removing stubborn marks, dirt, grime, paint and window stickers.  Supplied with a pack of 10 blades which are easy to replace.

Handy for testing the pH of stains in carpets and upholstery.  Also for determining absorbency and acid testing on stone and tiled floors.
31 - 49 of 49 results