Chemspec/Legend Brands

Chemspec/Legend Brands
Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment as well as Fire Damage and Flood Restoration Cleaning Products from Chemspec Europe. With over 30 years experience and during that time Chemspec Europe have built their reputation on quality performance products and have pioneered many of the industries best used products.

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Quickly removes multiple layers of finishes, waxes and urethane fortified finishes, while staying wet longer for greater productivity.   


Cleans hard to remove soil from high gloss floors without hazing/damaging finish. Ideal with rotary/scrubber or as a mop-on floor cleaner.


Use after cleaning to prevent furniture stain marks from transferring to damp carpet. Idea for using with heavy, large, items of furniture.

Square plastic tabs to place under furniture legs to prevent transfer of wood stain or dye when furniture is replaced on wet carpet.
61 - 64 of 64 results